Audible Story Albums

Did you know has an amazing collection of DRAMATIZED stories for your children? These are actually performances! We literally bought many of these physical albums at retail prices years ago. Now you can download all of these albums of dramatized stories at fantastic prices. Remember, these are not just recordings of books, although these are available and plentiful too.

You'll have to do a search for these collections once you go to Audible because I can't seem to be able to link them for you.

  • Your Story Hour (Complete lineup of Bible stories, biographies, character building stories, historical figures: many of them in albums with 5 to 20 hours worth of stories!) Here's a tiny sampling of who's included: George Muller, Florence Nightingale, Clara Barton, Louis Pasteur. We have ALL their albums on archaic TAPES and now I'm looking forward to getting a set on MP3! The reason my kids know their Bible stories and characters so well is because of this excellent and comprehensive series. This was ONE series I had to get the complete collection.
  • Adventures in Odyssey (Albums with 10 episodes of first rate stories!). Who needs a description of these stories of small town Odyssey, Connie and Eugene? My son copied them onto my daughter's' cheap Ipod so she can have her own "story machine".
  • Focus on the Family Theater (All the Narnia stories, come alive biographies of God's faithful ones: Bonhoeffer, John Newton, Squanto; Classics such as Little Women and Pilgrims's Progress, etc.) Excellent, excellent, excellent.
  • And don't forget all the Dramatized Audio Bibles! Oh my, What an amazing selection Audible has to choose from! I recently downloaded The NKJV Dramatized Bible (98 hours of listening the word of God!). That alone is worth over $60!
  • There is a LOT more, but these are great albums to start an awesome collection that will impact*** (see note below) your children all their lives.

    Go here to download your first 3 albums at $7.49 each. Regular retail prices are over $25 to $40 per album! What wonderful mind and heart candies to load up into your or your children's minds and ipods!

    This company is probably the biggest source of audio books around and is backed by Amazon. You can sign up for an Audible membership and cancel anytime.

    ***My son Jordan is now 20 years old. Five months before he graduated from his 2-year TV Broadcast college program, he was hired by the Olympics in Vancouver and then right after that, by a corporate video company. I can tell you for sure that his skill, aptitude and love for the visual media is a direct result "seeing" all of these stories in his mind from a young age. It definitely was not from watching a lot of TV. We have NO TV in the house! See this page for the benefits of audio stories for your children.

    Blessings to you and your family!

    - Janet