How you can create very simple daily Bible lessons for children

When my son was 5 or 6, I searched high and low for a set of bible lessons for children. I wanted a "Bible curriculum" that was simple, meaningful, cheap and most of all EASY to do with my son Jordan. I'd comb the homeschool exhibits, the used curriculum fairs and the Bible stores. And yes, I've bought my fair share of resources to help me "teach the Bible to my kids." All those items are now sitting unused on my shelf looking very impressive and giving me a noble reputation.


I was an immature Christian (not that I SO mature now) and was quite intimidated about having to teach the Bible; how can I teach it if I didn't know it well myself? That meant I'd have to get professionally published materials. I found all kinds of bible lessons for children but never really stuck with any one.

In the meantime, I was also feeling frustrated with myself because I would read and study the Bible but not really absorb too much. I was terribly distracted by life in general. Finally, I developed a system that worked well for me. (You can read about my adult version of this Bible reading system here .)

I began to think, "If that system works for me, how would it work for my kids?" So I tried it on my 9-year old daughter Ting (because by now, Jordan is a teenager and is doing his own devotions.) And it works beautifully! I hope that my daughter will take this habit and system into adulthood. And you don't have to be homeschoolers to do this!

With this simplied way of creating Bible lessons for children, I've been able to:

  • Come up with a new "lesson" 5 days a week

  • Read small, meaningful portions of the Bible with Ting daily

  • Pull out important verses or passages from each portion; Ting then writes this out in her notebook.

  • Have some really nice and dynamic discussions to help her understand what we just read, or how we to apply it to our lives; or what to do and say in our day-to-day lives.

  • Have her write out a short and simple prayer that ties in with that passage.
  • Let me explain how it works. (By the way, our Bible Stories and Lessons Blog here will actually show you some of our Bible lessons)

    1. First and foremost, start with a prayer that includes asking the Holy Spirit to help your child to learn and understand what you will read. I also ask the Holy Spirit for help to know WHAT truths to teach and HOW to teach it, because I am NOT a Bible scholar! Involving the Holy Spirit is really why this system works!

      We've had some wonderful lessons that are so clear and simple but PROFOUND. Imagine this 9 year old girl starting to learn AND understand God's word in this way. It's extremely humbling.

    2. Choose a book from the Bible, and each day just read a chapter, a story, a section, or any naturally occuring chunk of text. Sometimes when a book of the Bible (for example the book of John) is very meaty, we would literally just read 2 paragraphs that day because the truth in it is so powerful!

      Speed or amount is not important. What IS important is that we can digest and absorb and APPLY what we've just read!

    3. Have your child "tell back" to you what you just read. This is great for developing listening and comprehension skills. It also develops your childs memory and retention.

    4. Then take a notebook and split it into 2 columns. The left column is for writing down the important passage or verse (which I choose).

    5. The right column is for your child to write down her prayers. You need to coach your child in knowing HOW and WHAT to pray, especially on what you just read.

      For example, we just read in John 14:

      "And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the son may bring glory to the Father. You may ask me for anything in my name and I will do it."

      Well we had a discussion about if Ting were to ask God for a big bag of candy "in his name", would He give it to her? Only if it is IN HIS WILL. And it is probably not in his will for her to eat all that candy and get rotten teeth or a stomach ache. God wants what's GOOD for us. So I coached my daughter to write this prayer: "Dear God, please help me to seek your will."

    And that's it! This system of Bible lessons for children takes about 20 minutes! It was actually inspired by the well-known children's song:

    Read your Bible,
    Pray everyday
    and you'll grow, grow, grow!

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    But if you would like a bit more structure,
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