How to pick from many Bible Reading Plans to suit your
learning style

There are many types and styles of Bible Reading Plans for you to choose from. I'll help you find one by helping you identify your learning style.

But first, here's a breakdown of the different types of Bible reading plans:

  • Historical
  • Biographical
  • Highlights
  • Chronological
  • From Genesis to Revelations
  • Just New Testament
  • Just Old Testament
  • One chapter each of Old and New Testament

    And there are many more variations! The thing to remember when choosing the best plan to use is, be sure to know YOUR learning style; the time frame you want to do this in; and your purpose.

    Your Learning Style Do you like to SEE what you're doing, or do you like to HEAR. Or do you like to DO and interact with what you're learning?

    Your Time Frame How long do you have to read your Bible? Half an hour before work? An hour while the house is quiet? Or a 15 minutes short devotion?

    Your Purpose Are you reading the Bible to see what the whole Bible is all about? Or do you want to digest a tiny chunk at a time? Do you want to meditate on an entire chapter for the whole week? YOU need to ask yourself WHY you're doing this.

    Another thing to consider is what FORMAT do you want to "read" the Bible in:

  • On screen, online?
  • On paper? Traditional printed Bible?
  • By email?
  • On a PDA?
  • With pictures or grapics?

    Any bible reading plans would be ineffective if we read the Bible, and not remember or learn what we read. My favorite way to enhance memory and learning is a notebook and pen. Simple, yes, sophisticated, no, but truly interactive and effective!

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