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This exclusive collection of AUDIO Bible Stories for Children is "hot off the press." I am offering it online for the first time AND it includes 10 more wonderful audio classics as a bonus. Read on!

First, let me tell you about these Bible stories for children. Actually, the whole family will love them. If you want the Bible to come alive, this is the way to take it in: through your ears and into your heart! Turn off the TV and turn on your mind's TV: the imagination! Exercise and feed your imagination with this exclusive collection of classic audio theater called "The Greatest Story Ever Told."

The Greatest Story Ever Told was a popular audio theater series broadcasted in the 40s and 50s by ABC. It was based on the book of the same name by Fulton Oursler. These are wonderful dramatizations of events and stories of the life of Jesus Christ in the Bible.

Behind the scenes
The Greatest Story series was the first time Jesus Christ was portrayed on air as an ongoing character. Actor Warren Parker played the part of Jesus, but the directors had decided that he would play the role in anonymity, with no casting credits to him OR any of the other actors. They also decided that there would be no photos of the actors and no studio audience! It seemed the directors had a sensitivity and reverence for this show. The series was also guided by an non-denominational advisory board. And though sponsored by Goodyear Tires, there were NO commercials even!

Each story was 30-minutes long with the music backup of a full orchestra as well as a 16-voice choir. Many of the animal noises were recorded right at the Bronx Zoo! Were these stories popular? You bet; the series aired for TEN continuous years!

Greatest Story was considered an important part of many schools and churches of the time and popular with both young and old. They were not word for word narrations of the Bible, but rather dramatized, true to scripture, but filled in "between the lines" with interesting human details of conversations, emotions and relationships. Many of the stories spring from just ONE verse; verses that teach us important truths, but simply come alive when woven into a story. Everyone loves a good story!

The Calling of Matthew
Here's a story about Matthew the tax collector and how he became a disciple of Jesus. It's interesting how they wove the details from the Bible with belivable and probable (but fictional) storyline.

CLICK HERE to Listen to: The Calling of Matthew

OVER 40 Bible Stories in this Audio Theater Collection

The Woman and the Treasure
The Prodigal Son
The Second Mile
The Resurrection
They Who See Not, Shall See
The Soldier's Servant
Go and Be Counted
The Good Samaritan
The Lost Sheep
The Parable of the Lost Coin
Call no Any Man a Fool
The Calling of Matthew
And Her Name Was Mary
No Room at the Inn
Blessed are the Meek
The Betrayal and the Crucifixion
Sufficient unto the Day
Thou Shalt be Recompensed
Disputed Boundary
The Idle Word
Flight of the Children
The Unbelieving
Ye Who are heavy laden
The Pursued
The Reward is Great
A Blade From Damascus
A Child in the House
Where Thieves Break Through
Let Your Light shine
Give us this Day
The House in Darkness
The Figure at the Door
Ye Shall Know the Truth
He That is Faithful
The Man Who was not Humble
A Cup of Cold Water
Voyage to Rome
The Tree and the Fruit
He that Loseth his Life
The Woman and the Slave Girl
Incident at Bethlehem

HOURS and HOURS of Bible Stories
Each audio story is 30 minutes long! That's OVER 20 hours of "come alive" Bible stories on ONE Computer CD. You'll be able to listen to them anytime and anywhere: family time, bedtime and in the car!

Special Introductory Bonus
Included in this exclusive collection of Bible Stories for Children are TEN EXTRA classic stories for you to enjoy! FIVE more hours of listening fun:

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
Jane Eyre
Pied Piper of Hamlin
The Little Prince
The Prince and the Pauper
The Long Winter
Treasure Island

Learn the Bible from all angles
With these great stories, you can surround you and your family with interesting and wholesome entertainment. They're a great way to lead your kids right to the Bible itself! Audio stories have also taught my kids to settle down for quiet time anywhere: at home and in the car.

MP3 Format
All the stories are in MP3 format and will be shipped to you in one CD which you can PLAY ON YOUR COMPUTER or on any MP3 player.

I've also included a special report that tells you how to play MP3s in your car. Even if your car doesn't have an MP3 player!

Remember: These are MP3 files that can only be played on your computer or on an MP3 player. But these MP3 files are the reason why we can fit 50 stories into one little CD!

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