How to pick Great Bible stories
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WOW! I just discovered a great source of dramatized bible stories and a many other great audio stories. They are all in albums at deep discounts. I bought many of these albums on TAPES for our kids, but now you can download them as MP3s! Go here & I'll tell you about it.

Over the years, I've been reading general Bible stories for kids to my children. But this year, I wanted my 9-year old daughter, TingTing to see that these Bible stories for kids actually DO come from the Bible. So I started reading through certain books and stories right from the Bible to her.

She always asks for her favorite books or stories such as Esther or Ruth. This gave me the clue that I should read to her “girl” Bible stories. I could capture her interest by focusing on the girls and women of the Bible. We girls are relational creatures, aren't we? And the stories would help her relate to them as real people. I also wanted to her to see how the girls of the Bible related to God.


You know that kids (and even us adults) are more likely to listen to stories rather than informational documentaries. Bible stories for kids have the power to draw their hearts and souls to God. And hopefully and prayerfully, they will eventually draw close to the Word of God themselves.

This has become a daily ritual for us and I enjoy it as much as she does. Bible stories for kids give me a chance to start conversations or discuss issues with her about growing up and about how to LIVE the Bible.

But after we finished reading the obvious “girl” Bible stories for kids, I started looking for more. It was tough. How do you find the Bible girls if you don't know their names? And Furthermore, when you DO find the girls, there is usually so little said about them them that it doesn't really seem like a complete story – just a fleeting passage.

Well, you're going to love me! I have for you a whole book of dramatized Bible stories for kids: Little-Known Women of the Bible. I say for kids, but the style is so well-done that it's a treat for adults to read too. And certainly it does not talk down to kids. This vintage book is an absolute delight to read to your younger girls or for your teen girls to read themselves. These Bible stories for kids just simply come alive!

Here, read for yourself: The story of Michal, the Old Testament princess who marries a shepherd! This is one of the nicest Bible stories for kids I've come across.

Don't have time to read this right now?

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