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Who says you need to spend lots of money to start publishing online and offline these days? Not me! When I first started my online venture, I had no cashflow and started publishing on a shoestring budget.

I had to scrimp out of necessity. But come to think of it, I think by nature, I liked to “create something from nothing” (publishing), “get something for nothing” (chintzy); and to “prove a point” that I can produce my publishing projects without big money” (persistent).

I want to tell you a story about a quantum leap in my publishing business and why having the right tools is SO important. When I first started publishing in the mid to late 80s, PCs were just becoming common in homes. I was so excited to get one. I got all the tools: my work space, the IBM286 computer, desktop publishing software, MS Word for DOS and a dot matrix printer (remember those?). I was SET. I thought.

If you've ever tried printing out elaborate and graphically pleasing pages on a dot matrix printer, you know what I'm talking about. It looked absolutely BEAUTIFUL on my monochrome screen. But on paper, it was grainy and yucky. AND it was PAINFULLY SLOW!

I asked myself, Janet, how am you gonna come across as a professional “publisher” with stupid looking pages like THAT? I asked myself, what's the answer? A laser printer of course. Nowaday, that may seem, duh ... obvious. But back then it was not common for normal folks to have their own laser printer; way too expensive. They were more common in offices and big businesses.

Do you know how much those monsters were in 1988? About 3 THOUSAND dollars (Canadian)! Yikes, and I haven't even made any money yet. How can I justify my purchase? Plus I had no cashflow. But even then I REALLY understood how crucial it was to have ALL the right tools! If I'm missing ONE tool, the publishing process will be impeded and the results will be compromised.

Well, digging into my savings and buying that monster laser (it was 50 pounds!) was THE BEST THING I did for my business and career! You've heard of quantum leaps? That's what that baby monster was to me, a quantum leap into REAL PROFESSIONAL publishing.

OVERNIGHT, I could output great looking stuff; I could get clients (cashflow); I could prototype publications and sell my services, and SO much more. I grew a few inches taller (I'm 5'2”, so ANY growth is well-noted). I'm not saying that “I“ was so very talented, just that my TOOLS gave me that quantum leap from being rinky-dink proprietor to “I'm in publishing; how can I help you?”

So, I'm not going to help you get a laser printer; you know how important that is already. My goal in this ecourse is to help you in the production aspect of publishing (versus marketing) and give you all the tools to do it with. All these tools will be helpful to you whether you are publishing physical items (printed books, manuals, etc) or digitally-delivered files (ebooks, videos, audios, etc.); online or offline. You'll get high-quality tools and resources that will make any of your projects sparkle with professional results.

So in this ecourse I'm going to WOW you with my research on Cool Tools for Publishing. I've tracked down great tools for you. Tools that I use even now. All you have to do is START and DO your project; whether it's a printed book, an ebook, a CD, a video, whatever you want!

Though I spent very little money on these software tools, I DID spend lots of TIME researching how I can get inexpensive or free tools to accomplish all the production tasks of my publishing projects. So YOU won't have to spend any of your time doing that; I've done all the research for you already!

You are in for a treat. Here's what you will learn and GET in the next 7 days:

1. How to print anything out and save up to 75% in paper.

2. How to get an entire suite of state-of-the-art production tools that'll help you do all the text, graphics, layout, 3D images, presentations, databases, and even spreadsheets that you'll ever need to get your publishing project off the ground.

3. How to create ecovers for your ebooks online.

4. How to get a professional desktop publishing program for high-impact page layouts.

5. How to transform your completed document into PDF format so that you can distribute your file ONLINE.

6. How to get your publication online and downloadable for your customers, even if you don't have a website.

7. How to do your own multimedia video. Really! This ONE LITTLE GEM will easily get you into multimedia video publishing, fast!

This ecourse is jam-packed with ALL kinds of goodies that you will be using for years to come. They are THAT good! If this sounds too good to be true, try me. I know that if I was handed this set of COOL TOOLS when I first got started, I would've saved a lot of time. But I really must admit, I truly enjoy researching and learning my business (surfing for hours and letting my kids turn the house upside down).

By the way, you may be asking why I'm doing this? Well, I love creating and publishing infoproducts for the online market. And I'd love to share with you my ideas, progress and successes, and hope that I can help you succeed too!

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