My kids love listening to
dramatized bible stories

learning-the-bibleI think dramatized Bible stories and audio dramas on tapes and CDs are a GREAT substitute for television. This is a good thing for our family because we've chosen not to install cable since the early 90s. I'm not being dramatic! Let me tell you our experience.

When our son Jordan was 4 or 5, we chanced upon a 6-cassette album of dramatized Bible stories at a Raymond Moore Homeschool seminar. We brought it home and Jordan just soaked them all up! While listening to those audio stories, he'd create and build complex masterpieces with popsicle sticks for hours on end! So over the years, we've invested in many, many story albums from Your Story Hour. Even now, at 16 years old, Jordan still automatically plays his tapes when he is in his room. He plays it as "background music." We bought stacks of albums: this is one habit I don't mind feeding!

WOW, I just discovered a great source of dramatized bible stories and a many other great audio stories. They are all in albums at deep discounts. We bought many of these albums on TAPES, but now you can download them as MP3s and load them onto your ipod! Go here and I will show you what to do.

A couple years after that first album, we discovered The Adventures in Odyssey series from Focus on the Family. These are upbeat, "small town Odyssey" tales with Biblical values that captivated all my kids. Great candy for our ears and mind!

So what process is actually happening here by replacing the TV with audio input? That is, how do audio dramas engage and grip our minds and make us better people? I like to make lists, so here's one on the benefits of immersing your kids with high quality audio nourishment. Both adults and kids, but especially kids, will:

  • Develop a very vivid imagination without relying on the video. Isn't our imagination more powerful than physical sight?

  • "Laser-beam " on the spoken word and absorb great vocabulary, grammar and reading style.

  • Develop skills in public speaking, story telling, acting, and process high volumes of information and even improve our memory!

  • Take in great amounts of literary classics (and the Bible) of our culture even if kids can't read it themselves yet.

  • Learn of all the heros and personalities in history from all over the world.

  • Experience emotions portrayed in the stories and therefore becomes an active "participant."

  • Experience a great range of stimuli through different voices, emotions, music and sound effects.

  • Give both adults and kids the option of doing a manual activity while absorbing a great education.
  • Really! Who doesn't love a good story?

    Having said all this, you realize that these tape and CD albums are not cheap! But over the years, as our other kids started developing the same listening habit, we see that the tapes and CDs are actually "cheap" in the grand scheme of life. After all, we (mom and Dad end up listening too) listen to them over and over again! AND they acquire that whole list of benefits I just listed! Not too shabby an investment.

    Here's a Sample of a Dramatized Bible Story

    To show you how captivating audios are, here's treat for you: an excellent AUDIO recording of the Easter Story. It is a vintage audio dramatization performed by Hollywood biggies Vincent Price, Herbert Marshall, Robert Young, Victor Jourie and music by Bach!

    Audio Drama: The Son of Man - a Passion Play

    Yes, Story tape and CD albums are relatively expensive at around $40 for a dozen 30-minute stories. But you're going to love me, because I've just introduced a great collection of audio/dramatized Bible stories . I'm talking about 30-40 stories for under $30!

    More Bible Stories for You

    Would you like TWO ebooks full of wonderful Bible stories: Little-Known Women of the Bible, and The Wonder Book of Bible Stories, plus the occasional audio dramatized Bible story? And if you're interested, you can even download a complete suite of Multimedia Bible software and over 300 Bible lessons for children!

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