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These are Vintage NATURAL HEALTH classics written by well-known authors from over 70, 80, 90 years ago! MANY of these health authors were not only BIG names in the medical field, they EACH had decades of experience and credibility as scientists and practitioners! Yet, they were not just doctors, they were well-known for their ABILITY to HELP PEOPLE get well. I’m talking about health pros such as Herbert Shelton, Linda Hazzard and more. As you know, many vintage books tend to fall out-of-print and just die a quiet death. It's a shame to lose all this valuable, crucial information and scientific truths. Especially in the area of natural healing, the way our creator intended. You’ll find that the wisdom and experience in all these books are truly timeless and relevant to maintaining health and healing diseases even TODAY. And especially today, when so many of us are unnecessarily dragging around too much weight, harboring and developing diseases and eating too poorly.

MANY of these books are around 100 to 300 pages long! All the books are formatted in convenient PDF format so that you can view them on ANY computer or print them out from ANY printer.

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This is the FIRST TIME this exclusive collection of books is being offered to you. It’s the first time you will see this collection published digitally. I personally put this pack together to help you research how to attain health naturally and natural healing of diseases. And do you what the ultimate beauty of this collection of books is? Each of the book works in HARMONY with each other! An awesome research and application tool! This is my interest and passion and I want YOU to get back your health the way I did.

Here’s what you’ll get in this Health Pack CD, which you can now download immediately:

  1. The Fasting Cure by Upton Sinclair
  2. The Hygienic System: On Fasting and Sunbathing by Dr. Herbert Shelton
  3. Scientific Fasting by Dr. Linda Hazzard
  4. Uncooked Foods and How to Use Them by Eugene Christian
  5. Perfect Sight Without Glasses by Dr. William Bates
  6. Constipation by Dr. J. H. Tilden
  7. How and When to be Your Own Doctor by Dr. Isabelle Moser
  8. Rational Fasting - Regeneration Diet & Natural Cure for all Diseases by Arnold Ehret
  9. FLETCHERISM - How I Became Young at Sixty by Horace Fletcher
  10. The Case Against Vaccination By Walter Hadwen

Here are descriptions of these 10 books:

1. The Fasting Cure by Upton Sinclair (97 pages)

This is a fascinating natural health classic by Upton Sinclair, and reads like an adventure novel. This famous writer of "The Jungle" from the 20s has a wonderful flair for telling stories, even on the topic of fasting! Why? He was often sickly for days until he found out that fasting is the ultimate way to heal and maintain health. Even though he had stayed at "health sanitaoriums" he never really got well until he experienced his first fast. It's a good read. Fasting works! Learn how his book lit Americans into a fasting craze in the early 1900s.

Upton Sinclair describes his situation as a master storyteller, often funny and interesting. He also includes many letters like this from people who have been helped by his experience and writing:

Hastings, Mich. , Sept. 11, 1910 Editor, The Cosmopolitan

Every reader of your magazine owes you a vote of thanks for the Upton Sinclair's article on fasting.

Mr. Sinclair said, "There are three dangers attending the fast." In my case there were four--the danger of being sent to the Insane Asylum.

All my neighbors and relations had the utmost contempt for what they termed "my craziness." But notwithstanding all this, I fasted fourteen days, and stomach trouble, heart trouble, kidney trouble, chronic catarrh, and rheumatism, which for years had made life a burden, are no more. I do not have to tell my friends, at this date, that it was a success, they know it. My family physician has since said that it was probably the best thing I ever did in my life. I consider myself greatly indebted to you for furnishing me so efficient a remedy, free of cost.

Gratefully yours, Mrs. E. L. Raymond

Learn how you can make yourself healthy, lose weight and feel more energetic. This information is as useful to you now as it was at the turn-of-the-century.

2. The Hygienic System, On Fasting and Sunbathing by Dr. Herbert Shelton (462 Pages)

Dr. Shelton says: In more than thirty years of conducting fasts, I have conducted over 25,000 fasts, ranging in duration from three days to more than two months. I have conducted about six fasts that have gone sixty or more days, the longest being sixty-eight days. I have had literally hundreds of fasts that have lasted from forty to fifty and more days.

This book reads like a Who’s Who of natural health and specifically of fasting. He refers to numerous experienced fasting practitioners for establishing the truths of natural hygiene. What would our modern-day medical professionals say if they could read these works from an era before the modern medical industry took its grip on our culture?

Herbert Shelton was a leader in the technology of fasting in the early 1900. Books like his have been lost to lay people like you and I for too long. You will find that his experience with fasting for the purpose of healing disease is unequalled. I see that his approach to the hygienic system and fasting is logical, scientific and proven. No, Dr. Shelton doesn’t write from theory but by directly helping people. It’s a treat to read of all his cases and experiences and feel assured that fasting is indeed the path to health and healing, just as our creator intended.

Here is an excerpt:

When we consider that fasting is not employed to cure disease, as are the various therapeutic measures, its wide use loses its appearance of indiscriminate use. More than this, when we consider that Hygienists do not recognize the existence of a great number of diseases, it will be realized that they cannot apply it indiscriminately. Take the following so-called different diseases--pleuritis, enteritis, pericarditis, peritonitis, arachnitis, cystitis, metritis, appendicitis, ovaritis, colitis, proctitis, prostatitis, gastritis, menengitis, tonsilitis, rhinitis, etc.--they are only one disease--inflammation, in different locations. A different name is imposed on each in order to indicate which organ or tissue is inflamed, but there is no difference in the process of inflammation and there is no difference in its cause. We have many names for disease, according to the location of the inflammation, or functional failure, or atrophy, but we have only one disease. Disease is a unit--forms or modes of manifestation are many. A so-called disease is a name applied to a symptom-complex and the symptom-complex is clustered about the organ most involved.

The Hygienic System is not a system of treating and curing "disease" and "disorder." It does not recognize the existence of hundreds, or thousands, of "diseases," but regards all of these many so-called "diseases" as varying expressions of the same thing. Hygienic methods are methods of caring for the body. By these we seek to place the body under the most favorable conditions for the prosecution of its own healing activities.

Rest and sleep, exercise and cleanliness, water and sunshine--we also employ these in all forms of impaired health. But we do not regard them as cure-alls, or cures at all. There are no "diseased" conditions in which fresh air is not helpful, but it is no cure-all, in fact, it is no cure at all. There are no "diseased" conditions in which rest is not helpful, but rest is no panacea. Why, then, accuse us of regarding fasting as a cure-all because it (with rest, sunshine, fresh air, exercise, sleep, quiet, etc.) is found useful in all so-called "diseases?"

Fasting is primarily a rest of the organism. There is no condition of "disease" in which rest of the vital organs is not of benefit to the whole organism. Rest gives all of the organs an opportunity to repair their damaged structures. Rest affords to organs that have been lashed into impotency by overstimulation, an opportunity to recuperate their substances and forces.

Fasting is not a process of elimination, but it does induce a marked increase in the elimination of toxins and waste from the body, not alone from the fluids, but also from the tissues of the body. It does permit the organs of elimination to bring their work up to date--to balance their books, as it were. There is no state of impaired health in which this increased elimination is not of distinct value.

Fasting means a temporary cessation of the inflow of nutritive substance. This gives the surfeited organism an opportunity to consume its surplus. The removal of a burdensome redundancy always results in increased vigor and improved function.

When fermentative and putrefactive toxins are pouring in from the digestive tract in excess of the body's ability to neutralize and eliminate them and the toxic overflow has been partly stored in the less vital tissues, fasting speedily ends the intake of decomposition-toxins and thus gives the organism an opportunity to catch up with its work of excretion. Not only are the toxins that circulate in the lymph removed, but the toxins deposited in the tissues are removed and excreted. Fasting does not remove the toxins. This is done by the excretory functions of the body. Fasting only affords them the opportunity to perfect their work.

3. Scientific Fasting by Dr. Linda Hazzard, 190 Pages.

A turn-of-the-century classic on healing diseases naturally. This book is chock-full of real cases of dramatic healing through fasting. Dr. Hazzard’s comprehensive practice and observations of fasting is recorded in this masterful scientific work. Her continuous revisions have resulted in an important record of the science of fasting. Scientific Fasting is one of the wisest book ever written on natural medicine and was written for you and I. Look what she said about cancer: Medicine seeks to "drive it in"; surgery to "cut it out"; and neither, when applied, succeeds in removing the cause. You’ll find descriptions and detailed how-tos on fasting that have been lost for almost 80 years! Dr. Hazzard writes on fasting from a woman’s perspective. She also writes a lot on caring for children.

These are some of the topics covered inside:

  • When and why to fast
  • Animals fasting in nature
  • How fasting affects the mind
  • Short vs. long fasts
  • Preparing for the fast
  • Symptoms in the fast
  • Use of the enema
  • Auto-intoxication
  • Children in the Fast
  • Sexual disease in the fast
  • Tomato Soup for Breaking a Fast
  • The Example of Jesus

    Here’s an excerpt:

    The next case is that of a cancer located on the right eyelid of a man sixty-two years old. This malignant sore had been in evidence for twelve years and the patient had been operated upon for its removal twice in this period. Its third appearance was made in virulent form and consultation with a medical specialist resulted in renewed recommendation of the knife, to which this time the patient refused to submit.

    He began preparation for a fast which lasted forty-five days, at the expiration of which all that remained of the suppurating sore was a reddish scar of its former seat. Four years later his personal report of the case shows no symptom of recurrence upon eyelid or elsewhere, and an excellent state of general health.

    The eradication of this symptom of extreme blood impurity by means of the fast fixes the value of the method in forms of disease that are supposedly incurable. It bears out the contention that disease is one with cure, that cure lies in the application of the single method of nature, elimination, which is one with purification. Cancer is but a symptom of general disease, and it may be eradicated when its ravages have not involved an organ to the degree of rendering it incapable of function.

    A cancer, a tumor, are evidences of the economy of nature in gathering her forces of relief at a single point. This single point, the symptom, is ordinarily plainly apparent. Medicine seeks to "drive it in"; surgery to "cut it out"; and neither, when applied, succeeds in removing the cause. Even though the actual growth and its nearby ramifications are extirpated by means of the knife, nature is still impelled to rid the body of its circulating impurity by the construction of destructive cells, and only blood purification can accomplish a cure.

    4. Uncooked Foods and How to Use Them by Eugene Christian (92 Pages)

    Oh what an inspiration this book is! Find out how to get the highest form of animal energy from food with recipes for “Preparation, Healthful Combinations and Even Menus. This book is a treat! We think that eating raw foods or uncooked food is a modern craze. But take a look at this book: it was first published in 1924, complete with rationale for eating raw and SIMPLE recipes!

    This book was actually written by a husband and wife team. They say: SOME years ago we, the authors of this work, both became so impaired in health as to almost totally disqualify us for the performance of our daily work. A very exhaustive study of our condition convinced us that it was caused mainly, if not wholly, by incorrect habits in eating. This brought forth a very careful and studied series of experiments in diet which was confined entirely to cooked foods, because we at that time accepted implicitly the common theory that foods could be predigested and improved by heat.

    Failing utterly in this, our attention was turned toward what have been called natural foods, but what in reality mean food in its elementary or unchanged state. Less than a year of study and experimenting with this system of feeding resulted in the total elimination of all stomach disorders and our complete restoration to perfect health. From scientific research, in addition to these failures and successes, we have studied out a system of both eating and drinking, which has been tried by many others under our direction, and in every instance health, strength and vitality have come to those who have obeyed our instructions.

    I found this book very interesting and truly inspired me to eat more raw food and serve it more often to my family.

    5. Perfect Sight Without Glasses by Dr. William Bates (189 Pages)

    Would you like to regain your eyesight NATURALLY, without glasses, contact lenses, surgery or drugs? You CAN benefit from the Bates Method if you have:

  • Myopia
  • Hyperopia
  • Astigmatism
  • Presbyopia
  • Strabismus
  • Amplyopia
  • Cataract
  • Glaucoma
  • Macular degeneration
  • And read on if:

  • Your eyesight is deteriorating
  • You’re tired of wearing glasses or contact lenses
  • Your eyes tire easily
  • You have frequent headaches
  • You spend hours and hours reading and working from a computer screen.
  • Developed by William H. Bates M. D., THE BATES METHOD will help you regain your vision NATURALLY. This method focuses on replacing bad visual habits (straining) with good visual habits. Most visual problems are caused by straining to see, which manifests in different ways such as creating tension in the muscles around the eyeball, and even in the rest of the body!

    Here is a simple explanation of bad eyesight or eyesight with refractive errors (myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism).

    Bad eyesight is almost always accompanied by tension, headaches and eyestrain. This means there is also tension in the muscles around the eyeball. These muscle tensions lead to CONTRACTED muscles. Contraction in these muscles puts pressure to the eyeball, and therefore changes the SHAPE of the eyeball. The result is myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism.

    Learn how your can improve and restore your vision with Dr. Bates techniques. Simple yes! And it will take work and concentration. But it works! There are many success stories to prove it.

    6. Constipation by Dr. J. H. Tilden (116 Pages)

    Dr. Tilden says: T0 CURE constipation requires much knowledge, skill, patience, and persistence. It cannot be said that any case of constipation is cured until the subject is cured of all HABITS that lead to general enervation and toxemia. In all people with the constipation diathesis--a tendency for constipation--any habit of body or mind which leads to enervation will surely bring on constipation.

    Too much stress cannot be placed on the following truism: To those inclined to constipation, or the diathesis leading to constipation, any depressing influence becomes a cause; hence, to be free from man's worst enemy means, in the first place, to have a rational health knowledge to know that any enervating habit continually practiced leads to disease--and, secondly, to have enough self-control to live the knowledge to be guided by it.

    Some books are for reading, this one is for study and practice!

    There are insightful discussions on toxemia as the cause of all disease, and that constipation is a universal and the commonest disease to which man is heir.

    Dr. Tilden’s experience is extensive:

    After practicing haphazard medicine and conventional surgery for twenty-five years, and toxemia for twenty-five years, I unhesitatingly affirm that there is no excuse for drugs; and perhaps ten per cent of the surgery practiced in time of peace is legitimate. In war, where the injured are taken care of wholesale and without all the conveniences, anesthetics and opiates should be used in moderation, but never to the extent of educating the boys into "drug fiends." There can be but one reason given for this universal bowing down to prevailing medical fallacy, and that I have given above.

    The majority of physicians are agreed that germs cause disease, but the time will come when all must agree that germs are one of many factors. Many who read my writings get the idea that I do not believe in germs; this, too, in spite of my constant protestation that toxemia, the toxins of which are partly, but secondarily, derived from the toxin of bacteria, is the cause of all diseases. Of course I believe in germs. I believe in yeast, but yeast is not the cause of bread, but is one factor in good bread-making. I believe in enzymes, but enzyme is not the cause of tissue-building. I believe in the germ that is the nucleus of being. I believe in the germinal nucleus as an individualizing factor, but impotent without auxiliary aid. Germs must have environing factors and physical auxiliaries to a successful generation of specificity.

    7. How and When to be Your Own Doctor by Dr. Isabelle Moser (289 Pages)

    I REALLY enjoy this book. Dr. Moser writes in an easy-to-understand style. She tells of a funny (funny to us now) and fascinating story of how when she first graduated as a doctor, she chose to care for her own children, and therefore she chose to take in one psychotic patient at her home:

    With orthomolecular treatment, Christine improved but also became more difficult to live with as she got better. For example, when she came out of catatonic-like immobility, she became extremely promiscuous, and was determined to sleep with my husband. In fact she kept crawling into bed with him with no clothes on. Either we had to forcefully remove her or the bed would be handed over to her—without a resident man. Christine then decided (logically) that I was an obstacle to her sex life, and once more set out to kill me. This stage also passed, eventually and Christine got tolerably well.

    Dr. Moser says: I have two reasons for writing this book. One, to help educate the general public about the virtues of natural medicine. The second, to encourage the next generation of natural healers. Especially the second because it is not easy to become a natural hygienist; there is no school or college or licensing board.

    8. Rational Fasting - Regeneration Diet and Natural Cure for all Diseases by Arnold Ehret (49 Pages)

    Dr. Ehret says: First of all I maintain that in all diseases without exception there exists a tendency by the organism to secrete mucus, and in case of a more advanced stage—pus (decomposed blood). Of course every healthy organism must also contain a certain mucus—lymph, a fatty substance of the bowels, etc., of a mucus nature.) Every expert will admit this in all catarrhalic cases, from a harmless cold in the nose to inflammation of the lungs and consumption, as well as in epilepsy (attacks showing froth at the mouth, mucus).

    Where this secretion of mucus does not show freely and openly, as in cases of ear, eye, skin or stomach trouble, heart diseases, rheumatism, gout, etc., even in all degrees of insanity, is mucus the main factor of the illness, the natural secretive-organs not being able to cope with it any longer, the mucus entering the blood and causing at the respective spot where the vessel-system is probably contracted owing to an over-cooling (cold), etc., heat, inflammation, pain, fever.

    Look what he says next – it’s enough to make me eat MORE RAW!

    If potatoes, grain-meal, rice or the respective meat materials are being boiled long enough, we receive a jellylike slime (mucus) or paste used by bookbinders and carpenters. This mucus substance soon becomes sour, ferments, and forms a bed for fungi, moulds and bacilli. In the digestion, which is nothing else but a boiling, a combustion, this slime or paste is being secreted in the same manner, for the blood can use only the ex-digested sugar transformed from starch. The secreted matter, the superfluous product, i.e., this paste or slime is a foreign matter to the body and is being completely excreted in the beginning.

    9. FLETCHERISM - How I Became Young at Sixty by Horace Fletcher (179 Pages)

    Mr. Fletcher says: FLETCHERISM has become a fact. A dozen years ago it was laughed at as the "chew-chew " cult; today the most famous men of Science - scientific leaders at the world's foremost Universities - endorse it and teach its principles. The author relates briefly the story of his regeneration, of how he rescued himself from the prospect of an early grave, and brought himself to his present splendid physical and mental condition. He tells of the discovery of his principles, which have helped millions of people to live better, happier, and healthy lives.

    I notice that Fletcherism is even mentioned in Upton Sinclair’s The Fasting Cure. It’s very interesting how many of these old books routinely talk about the health pros of their day. I think it really confirms to me that what they studied and experienced in the natural health profession was proven and accepted by those who KNOW and practice natural health. And I believe that people from those old generations were more receptive of natural health than people are TODAY. Although I see that changing now. More of us are starting to wake up and take notice what these oldies-but-goodies were saying is STILL true and relevant!

    10. The Case Against Vaccination By Walter Hadwen (53 Pages)

    This is a fascinating book (first published in 1896!) on how our modern culture came to adopt vaccination as "the best medicine to prevent sickness in our children." I won't even describe it too much. You will be appalled at how such a standard (even such an outright error) has become an unquestioned common practice TODAY, aimed towards innocent children and unsuspecting parents!

    Be informed of why you should not vaccinated your children!

    Again, here’s what you’ll get in this Health Pack download:

    1. The Fasting Cure by Upton Sinclair
    2. The Hygienic System, on Fasting and Sunbathing by Dr. Herbert Shelton
    3. Scientific Fasting by Dr. Linda Hazzard
    4. Uncooked Foods and How to Use Them by Eugene Christian
    5. Perfect Sight Without Glasses by Dr. William Bates
    6. Constipation by Dr. J. H. Tilden
    7. How and When to be Your Own Doctor by Dr. Isabelle Moser
    8. Rational Fasting - Regeneration Diet & Natural Cure for all Diseases by Arnold Ehret
    9. FLETCHERISM - How I Became Young at Sixty by Horace Fletcher
    10. The Case Against Vaccination By Walter Hadwen
    This incredible and exclusive collection of health ebooks reads like a Who's Who in old-time holistic natural healthcare of yesteryear, up to 100 years ago! Find out how people maintained health or was healed before modern medicine became popular. Find out you CAN be an active and knowledgeable patient.

    EACH author was a legend in their time. Thank God that these priceless volumes of work, experience and research is now available in DIGITAL format. That means you can search for certain terms and topics on your computer. Each health book is passionately republished in PDF format by Janet Lee at LOGOS Multimedia.

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