Play piano by ear
My dream come true

Never in my life did I ever dare to think that this dream would EVER come true: Play piano by ear! It DID! I get to play all my favorite hymns and praise and worship songs, without sheet music.

A few short months ago, I was disillusioned and disappointed about my girls' (age 5 and 10) piano lessons. The lessons did not seem to inspire them to make music. Instead they seem tedious and ineffective. Then I read somewhere about the benefits of little kids learning to play piano by ear, even if simple one finger melodies.

So I Googled "Play piano by ear" and found some the same old search results. You see I've gone through all those sites before, some of them in depth. I've even bought some of them. They sit on my shelf looking good.

Then I saw a google ad, Play Piano as easily as you speak. I almost never click on those ads! But I clicked anyway because I was curious, but very skeptical.


To make a long story short, I was intrigued that I CAN learn to play piano as if learning a language! I'm a linguistics major. I know about stuff like that. I know about language acquisition and it's magic. Can it BE? That learning piano can be like a child learning language in a natural environment? That we should think BEYOND reading notes and counting and scales. Don't kids learn to speak before learning to read? Very cool!

Fast forward a mere 3 months. I'm playing songs I never thought I could! BOTH hands. Nice full tunes. Loving my practicing time. Actually, I don't consider it practicing, it's playing as in kids playing in the playground!

You've GOT to try it! Play piano by ear. Learn to flow and improvise.