Site Build It helps me build this site without knowing HTML

Site Build It is my like my personal translator
Learning HTML is a lot like learning a new language. It comes slowly and you have to USE it to really learn it. But what do you do if you don't know the new language, and you want to talk with its native speakers? You find a translator of course. And that's what Site Build It is. It helps me speak the HTML language through its "translation tools." And as I learn and use more HTML, I can do more and more of what the native speaker does and rely less on the translator.

I started out a year and a half ago with NO knowledge on how to build a website; nor how to "do business online". But miracle of miracles, these are just SOME of the things I've learned to do:

  • Upload PDF, MP3 and graphic files
  • Create webpages with title, text and pictures
  • Create text links all over the place
  • Optimize each page with good keywords for search engines
  • Use an HTML wisywig editor
  • Write in a real, personal voice
  • And since Publishing is also part my business, I've also learned how to:

  • Develop and sell digital infoproducts
  • Create PDF files for distribution online
  • Accept payments online
  • It's been an awesome and exciting journey! This has been the steepest learning curve I've ever been on. I'm not a very technical person, but I DO love to learn and labour on new things.

    Misleading Detours
    Then after the first few months of using Site Build It, I actually abandoned Site Build It mentally for a long while to investigate and "try" other methods and systems that caught my attention. These side trips have taken me on some long detours into the dangerous, time-consuming (and expensive!) field of "internet marketing." Be very careful when you go down that road; just know that there are 1001 methods, systems, programs, products, software, resell rights products (and more) that are supposed to be "JUST what you need!" Many of these people who delvelop and offer these marketing strategies are sincere, but I found that none of them gave me a complete Plan of Action. Look what I did:

  • I got caught up in buying products to resell (But I didn't have any customers to sell to).
  • I bought "franchise" (already-built) websites (But how would I get traffic?)
  • I bought ebook after ebook, each promising to be THE way to succeed (But I didn't have enough information to complete anything).
  • I bought memberships to info sites that promised to educate me in this whole idea of online business (The information may be great but there was NO mentorship or live help from anyone!).
  • I spent a lot of time and brain cells studying up all these methods; each one of them different enough to require new skills (skill that I don't have).
  • Many of the systems were conflicting and confusing. Some challenged me because I didn't know how to build a website and even more important, I didn't know how to get visitors to my website. After all, isn't this the whole point: to get traffic to your site? With the other systems, I was constantly on edge trying to figure out how to do things on my own; I couldn't afford to hire anyone yet. And even though all the information was great, I got SO overloaded that I didn't know where to start, and had no one to ask! Yes, that's one of the minuses of an online business; you are very much on your own, with very little free and patient support.

    I became so paralyzed with all the new information that I just didn't do anything for weeks and months! One day I got so frustrated because I wasn't accomplishing anything that I swept aside ALL my accumulated info, thoughts, doubts, worries, methods, deals ... and returned to Site Build It. The Prodigal Daughter.

    Site Build It took me by the hand and let me learn step-by-step
    As soon as I returned, I REMEMBERED why I like Site Build It so much! I felt so silly. I remembered that Site Build It teaches a comprehensive, step-by-step plan of action. And while Site Build It taught, I put it into ACTION! It was thrilling.

    Actually, when I say Site Build It, I'm also refering to their GREAT forums where other website owners are freely giving out advice to whoever needs it. There is a very different flavor at Site Build It; a flavor of many business owners all building their OWN sites. We all have the common goal of building quality information sites that will rank high in the search engines.

    Also, I no longer feel anxious that I should be doing things faster and better. I know what the overall step-by-step plan is, and I do it ONE step at a time. Somethings you just can't rush. After all, I'm building a business with a foundation; not a lemonade stand. Site Build It proudly has a motto of "Tortoise It!"

    Sometimes I still can't believe that I took those detours to look for something more "direct" (quick) to establish my online business. But I see that it was actually part of my education. It has helped me to be very grateful for Site Build It. I don't need to look around again. I won't get distracted again. The noise out there is deafening and paralyzing!

    I Homeschooled myself with this course
    Site Build It's Affiliate Masters Course was my first introduction to this complete step-by-step plan to build an online business. It's a Site Build It classic and very well done. It's a free course that actually teaches you how to do all the steps without buying Site Build It! Awesome information. But I gotta tell you, it's MUCH easier using Site Build It tools!

    Site Build It is diferent!
    OFFline, in the real world, LOCATION is THE success factor when you have a physical store. If you are in a great location (and a great product of course), it is a given that people will pass by and buy from you.

    But, ONline, nobody cares where you are "located." It's not an issue. But if they DO find your site and you give them GREAT information or you offer relevant solutions to their problems, bingo! They'll start to trust and maybe buy from you eventually. The key is: people must be able to FIND your site.

    And this is where Site Build It excels; they showed me how to create a site with great content, which gets me plenty of visitor traffic, which I can eventually turn into customers. Visitors win and I win. But I have to GIVE first.