Why Read the Bible?

When we became parents we realized that not only were we responsible for seeking our own spiritual growth, we also had to nurture our kids to grow too. This is a serious and a daunting task! Well, thank God, everything points to the Bible, the word of God that is to become our day-to-day "How to Live Life" Handbook. Why read the Bible?

Ten Great Reasons

(1) It is the singular written will of God for man.

(2) Only the Bible tells us of God's eternal plan.

(3) It, and it alone, tells us of the Christ, His relationship to the Godhead, His incarnation, and His death on the cross for mankind.

(4) Only the Bible tells us about God's eternal kingdom, the church.

(5) The Bible is the only Divine source that tells us that within God's eternal kingdom there is salvation, the forgiveness of sins, and the hope of eternal life in the presence of God.

(6) Nothing but the Bible tells us how we can find, identify and enter God's eternal kingdom, and how we should live as members of that kingdom.

(7) The Bible is the only Divine book that tells us how this world came into existence.

(8) Only the Bible tells us about the true origin and nature of man.

(9) It is the sole Divine source of our knowledge of man's place in creation.

(10) No other book but the Bible informs us of man's eternal destiny.

Consider this: If there is a God, and if the Bible really is His sole revelation to man, does this say anything significant about the Bible's importance?

Absolutely. If it is true that only the Bible can tell us everything that can really be known about God and what he has in mind for man, then the Bible is the most important book in the world. It is more important than any, and all, books written on science, business, politics, psychology or history.

Read the Bible. Study the Bible. In it you will learn of God's will for your life. Submit yourself to that will and you will receive the blessings that God has planned from eternity for you to have.

This list is from www.thebible.net